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Walk with us as we show you the city our family has called home since 1750.

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Savannah is in our blood. Our family first escaped to Savannah in 1750, fleeing religious persecution, and seeking a new start. They found it in here. Over eleven generations we have seen revolution, civil war and peace restored. Along with Savannah, our family has seen times of prosperity and want. But 274 years of shared history has not lessened our love for this place. This place has shaped us deeply, and we are uniquely able to share with you all that Savannah was, and is. Thank you in advance for letting us share Savannah with you in the way that only the Sons of Savannah can.

Our walking tours are engagingly hosted by master teacher and storyteller, John Breckenridge. You will hear unique stories of real people tied to the Sons of Savannah, who lived through Savannah's most triumphant and trying times: the Colonial Era, the Revolution, the Civil War and Sherman's March, to name a few. You will make a new friend as John shares Savannah's story with you and his easy manner will ensure you feel at home while you walk with him in his.    

Come walk with the Sons of Savannah. We'd be honored to host you.

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Why is a Sons of Savannah Walking Tour a unique experience? Because you will see and learn about the most beautiful city in America through the eyes of a family who arrived in Georgia's early days. As you walk the city's squares and oak lined streets, you will learn how Georgia's first city emerged from obscurity nearly 300 years ago to become what it is today. You will hear Savannah's story of beginnings and growth, defeat and restoration and these will illustrate how Savannah's history is tied to her people: From Oglethorpe and Tomochichi to Telfair and Mercer you will learn how people have shaped Savannah from the beginning. 

Basic Information

  • Tour Times

    • Saturdays:

      • 10:00 am

      • 1:00 pm

    • Weekdays:

      • ​​7:00 pm 

    • Days and times vary by season, so please check online calendar​​ for more details

  • Tour Prices:​

    • Adults (16+) 

      • $30

    • Children (6-15)​

      • $15

    • Children (Under 6)​

      • Free​

    • Private Tour for ten​

      • $300

    • Private Tours under ten, contact us.​


Our passion for Savannah is simple, as is connection to the city. Our name is Sons of Savannah because that is what we are. For eleven generations we have called Savannah our home. We were here at the nation's birth, and when Sherman arrived. We stood by Savannah and remained when she fell into disrepair, and we have rejoiced as our birthplace has recovered her former majesty and reached her fullest potential. We love Savannah and want you to as well.

  • All Sons of Savannah tours begin at 1 West Oglethorpe Lane Savannah, GA 31401. As you look up from this address you will see the magnificent steeple of The Independent Presbyterian Church, as is pictured on our website's homepage.  ​

  • From the heart of Savannah's Historic District we will take a two hour stroll through many of the city's famous squares and parks, and conclude our time together at Wright Square, one block north of our starting point. 

  • There is plenty of metered parking available throughout the area, and several parking garages nearby.

  • Metered parking is free on the weekends.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for check-in and so we can get in proper introductions before our walk together.


Why 1750?

That's when our first Savannah ancestor, Johannes Neidlinger arrived. Tragically, Yellow Fever took his life within a year of his arrival, but his children survived, and there were other Sons who came calling to Savannah as well: families named Moore, Lee, Waters, Blackburn, Pittman and Breckenridge. And many more. 

Shared History

The Sons of Savannah made their lives here and, like their hometown, thrived during good times and tried to survive during others. The Revolution, America's birth, King Cotton, Civil War, Sherman's March, The Great Depression and Jim Crow. These are just a few periods that have impacted Savannah and her Sons deeply. These are not far-off events or inaccessible eras. Rather, they are as close as the family histories we have enjoyed for generations. 


Savannah's history, like that of her people, is a story. These stories of real life, lived by real people are deeply moving. Some document loss and tragedy and some great success and triumph. Savannah and her Sons both have stories to tell. And they have been telling them together for more than 270 years.

Call or Text for questions:

Reservations Required



Frequently Asked Questions

What about bad weather?

Unless you receive a text notification from us, the tour is still on! If we have to cancel due to weather you will, of course, receive a full refund. 

What about tips?

Our walking tour prices are some of the most reasonable in town, and while we don't expect gratuities, if you are especially pleased with your experience, they are always appreciated.

What about reservations?

They should be made in advance, as we have limited capacity. You may reserve spaces up to the time of tour departure, if available. That needs to be done through our website, as we do not accept cash.

What about attire? 

It gets hot in Savannah, that's no secret. So please dress appropriately for the weather. Hats and sunscreen are always good ideas. Please stay properly hydrated, as the Savannah heat and humidity can "sneak up on you."

What about bathrooms?

We will pass many places where you can find a restroom. The pace will be slow enough that that shouldn't be a problem. But go ahead of time so you don't miss anything!

What about cancellations? 

If you cancel less than 24 hours before your tour there is no refund available. This includes same day bookings. With at least 24 hours notice a full refund will be given. All customers will receive a refund if tour is cancelled due to weather.

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